Monday, August 27, 2012

Lonely Brewery ISO New Brand Name.

After a year of working under the name "Three Cats Brewery" I've decided that my beer need a new name.

Not the brewery, mind, just the beer. Something short. In the same way that you walk into a bar and say "gimmie a Bud/Hiny/Goldstar/Stella/Guinness" (I could name plenty more, but the example is clear. A good beer name is one word. Two, max).

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to come up with a name, and then it occurred to me:  Ask the target audience! And furthermore, make it a prize-winning competition! So...

Announcing the Three Cats Brewery "Brand our (gl)ass" Sweepstake!

How to enter (in three simple steps):
1. Go to our facebook page ( and hit 'like'
2. Suggest a new name for the beer, along with a short explanation as to why it's good
3. That's it!

 Top entries will be put up to vote on our facebook page. And the submitter of the winning entry (subject to executive veto, cause there's some things I just refuse to name my beer) will receive a prize: A whole case of the first beer brewed under the new name! Free beer, and the thanks of a grateful brewery! What could be better?

So go forth, get the creative juices flowing, and get posting! There could be beer out there with your name on it. Literally.

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